Linda & Linda

    As young Michigan girls we dedicated ourselves to the perfect tan, with hours in the sun, baby oil, tinfoil, even tanning bed...whatever it took. In college not much changed as we continued our quest for that golden, California tan. As we got a little older and had kids, we learned about the damage we had done to our skin and refocused ourselves on maintaining healthy lifestyles. Anti-aging became our new quest and sunscreen our friend.

     Yet, there were times we longed for that summer glow. Whether it was a special occasion, a wedding, the fear of exposing our “Casper white” legs at the beginning of summer – we longed for a way to maintain our healthy lifestyle and achieve a radiant tan. Testing out every self-tanner on the market, we became experts on what worked and what left us wishing we’d stayed pale.

     It wasn't until we tried our first spray tan that we realized we’d found it. That first spray was good – not great, but better than we expected. We tried it again, and again, and again. Each time it left us with the realization that there was more that could be done to improve upon the experience. A better solution (no more orange), a better process, a more personal, & customized experience.

     Through world-class tanning products, friendly customer service, and unparalled expertise in the technology of airbrush tanning, we maximize the benefits that can be achieved through spray tanning. We are eager to share our knowledge with all those seeking to maintain a healthy and youthful glow on a year-round basis.

Radiant Sunless Tan offers the best of both worlds; a healthy non-damaging glow that makes you look good and feel amazing!

Salon & On-Site Airbrush Spray Tanning Specialist 

Linda Pomorski (810)599-9335    Brighton, Novi and surrounding areas

Linda Pifer (734)660-0708    Ann Arbor, Dexter, surrounding areas & Salon Location

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