Preparation & Maintenance

      Before your session you will want to do a few things to ensure that you get the best possible results. Your involvement plays a big part in how your color turns out. Below you will find the step by step way to get the most out of your session for gorgeous results! 

Before your session...

Make sure these appointments are done BEFORE your session please;Mani/pedi, Waxing 24-48hrs ahead of time, Hair coloring if it’s an allover color.

Spray Tan


·We cannot over stress the importance of pre-session exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin prior to your sunless airbrush tanning session (preferably the night before your session & the day of) Use a body scrub, loofah sponge, or exfoliating mitts to exfoliate your skin. Do not use a salt scrub that has oil in it, because it will leave a residue.

· Shave at least 8 hours prior to your sunless airbrush spray tan. Wax at least 24 hours prior to your sunless airbrush spray tan.

· Don’t Create Sunless Barriers. You do not want to apply anything to the skin that may act as a barrier between the sunless mist and the skin. Deep penetration is key to beautiful lasting color. Do not apply lotions, creams, or perfumes prior to session.There should be nothing on your skin at the time of your sunless airbrush spray tan; this includes sweat, oil, make-up, perfume/cologne, deodorant and moisturizer.

· Attire for women is whatever you are comfortable with. Some women choose to wear a bathing suit or bikini, and some women simply prefer no tan lines at all, and prefer to be sprayed in the nude. The key is your comfort level. Attire for men is boxers, swim trunks or shorts. Your tanning specialist will use the utmost discretion. Loose fitting, dark clothing should be worn after your session.



· Wait at least 6-8 hours before washing the sunless tanning solution off of the skin following the completion of your Radiant sunless airbrush spray tanning session.

· Apply daily moisturizer morning and evening after your 1st post-tan shower (Avoid moisturizers with AHA because they promote exfoliation.)

· Avoid the use of any products that contain salicylic acid (an active ingredient in most face washes) until you’re ready to strip off your Radiant Sunless Tan.

· Avoid long hot showers and baths, and scrubbing the skin excessively. Pat your skin dry after bathing or showering.

· Chlorine in swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s will shorten the length of your tan....If your skin looks cracked or lizard like -- You are not applying enough moisturizer. And if you are moisturizing once a day, step it up to twice a day.

 Salon & On-Site Airbrush Spray Tanning Specialist 

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